Crowdfunding – električni bicikl za prvu pomoć na Drveniku Velikom

Crowdfunding za teretni električni bicikl (cargo-e-bike) i opremu za prvu pomoć za potrebe hitnih medicinskih intervencija na mjestima na Drveniku Velikom.

Crowdfunding, oprema za prvu pomoć,  Drvenik Veliki je pokrenula akciju  prikupljanja donacije ukupne vrijednosti od 7.500 EUR-a. Tim sredstvima bi se kupili teretni električni bicikl (cargo e-bike) i oprema za prvu pomoć za potrebe hitnih medicinskih intervencija na mjestima na Drveniku Velikom koja su nepristupačna za vozila.

Nadamo se Vašem velikom odazivu. Hvala!

Klikni ovdje – donacije se prikupljaju preko sigurne platforme GoFundMe

———————————————————————– ( is a citizens initiative from local residents and friends living outside of our island, Drvenik Veliki.

We start fundraising for the acquisition of an e-bike and for the first aid equipment (estimated price of 7.500 Euro) as a part of a general healthcare intervention program of the new island council.

The streets of our island were initially not conceived for car traffic. Not all houses can be reached by car.

Therefore, in order to ensure urgent medical care and to be able to access all locations and reach all residents, families and tourists, we started this crowd funding to purchase an e-bike with first aid equipment.

In addition, primary health care ambulance was closed from February to October 2023.

Thanks to the efforts of the new island council and support of health care centre in Split, Drvenik Veliki finally has medical care for 3 hours during 3 weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday).

To make sure that everybody gets the necessary urgent medical care, Lovorka Kostović, island council chairwoman, on a voluntary basis provides the urgent medical care together with some other physicians whenever they are at the island.

She is a retired general practitioner and pneumologist who lives on the island almost permanently.

We kindly ask all people who derived from Drvenik and who fall in love with our island for assistance and donations.

Click here and DONATE NOW for a better medical care!

additional Information

Healthcare intervention is supporting the local committee

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